Thursday, 2 December 2010

Strabane Rally against Cuts

The north of Ireland depends to a great extent on public spending. This is because of our high levels of deprivation and an under developed economy as a result of the conflict, plus we have a younger population with more young people in education.

Over the next four years the British Government intends to take more than £4Bn out of the economy here by slashing spending on important services which we all take for granted.

These cuts are unnecessary and they will have a damaging impact on us in a whole range of areas of life.

If we fail to act the numbers of unemployed will grow from the already unacceptable almost 58,000 citizens.

Education and Health services will be cut and the working poor and the people who rely on public services will be made contribute the most.

Strabane Area Trade Union Council and Community Groups have issued a call to join the struggle for a fairer society at a rally in Castle Street Strabane (outside Post Office) on December 11th.

Assemble at 1:00pm
Guest Speakers in attendance including
Peter Bunting (Assistant General Secretary of The Irish Congress of Trade Unions)
Make your Voice Heard - Oppose the Cuts

Speaking at a recent meeting of Trade Unionists and community activists Ryan McNulty of the Strabane Area Trade Union Council called upon all right thinking people to support the protest to protect the weak in our society.

Mr Mc Nulty added,

“People are being conditioned into accepting there is no alternative to the cuts when in fact there is. We cannot afford these cuts. They must be opposed by all who think that we deserve a future. It is time to speak out and join with civil society in support of a better and fairer way."

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