Monday, 17 January 2011

SIPTU welcome statement by Deputy First Minister

Martin O'Rourke
SIPTU, Belfast

At the recent NICVA (Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action) conference on Wednesday 12th January, the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness stated that we should not continue with the failed policies of the past and investment was the best way out of the recession.

In an optimistic tone for the future he said,

"The Executive has unity of purpose to deliver an economy that works for all."

This is a welcome statement from the joint leader of the Assembly, in particular because it was made at a conference focussing on the community and voluntary sector.

There is a real fear in communities at the moment that frontline services will be cut, and essential projects will be lost, so to hear such a positive statement from such a senior political figure is heartening.

At this time of huge uncertainty we would call on the Executive to follow on from the Deputy First Ministers comments, and to reassure communities about the future of essential frontline services.

We in SIPTU have constantly said that cuts are not the answer, only investment will create the stimulus needed for a resurgence in the economy.

If we want to build a sustainable and equitable future we need to ditch the failed policies of the past and focus on investment of our public sector, and our communities. Only through investment can we build the better and fairer society we all need.

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