Monday, 22 August 2011

SIPTU give voice to the Community

As part of their ‘communities uniting’ campaign in the north, SIPTU are giving voice to community workers through an online series of interviews, ‘We are SIPTU.’

The series of interviews will be continually updated to YouTube, allowing people to easily access and get an insight into the everyday work of community activists, the services they provide, and the cuts facing projects. To access the interviews click on the following link;

SIPTU Lead Organiser Martin O’Rourke said,

“I encourage people to watch, follow and promote the ‘We are SIPTU’ interviews. We are giving voice to community activists, allowing people to hear their story, and get an insight into the vital work they carry out daily. They also focus on the very serious cuts facing and indeed being imposed on projects currently.”

“The interview series has a constant message running through it that if we organise and work together through a trade union, then we can defend our community services from the full onslaught of ideological driven cuts facing us.”

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