Monday, 26 September 2011

SIPTU welcomes Assembly Motion

SIPTU has welcomed the motion put forward in the Assembly in support of the vital work undertaken by the  Community and Voluntary  sector from the following MLA’s Mr M Copeland  (East Belfast, UUP), Mr R Beggs  (East Antrim, UUP) and Mr J  McCallister (South Down, UUP).

The motion states,

“That  this Assembly notes the invaluable contribution made by the community and  voluntary sector, particularly in assisting the most vulnerable people in  society; believes that where the sector provides public services, it is  appropriate that it should be adequately funded for this provision and any  related overhead costs; and calls upon the Minister for Social Development to  ensure that there is an effective working relationship between all Executive  Departments and the community and voluntary sector.”

This motion is to be considered by the Assembly on Tuesday 27th September 2011 and SIPTU has called upon all MLAs to support it, and all Executive Departments to act upon it when passed.

 “We share the forward thinking of the proposers of this motion and believe that representatives of the Executive Departments, NICVA and the trade unions representing Community and Voluntary workers should engage regularly on a formal basis to ensure best practice in this sector and to ensure the motion is the catalyst to assist the Community and Voluntary organisations and their dedicated workers in their endeavours to lift people, families and communities out of poverty”, stated Martin O’Rourke Lead Organiser, SIPTU.

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