Friday, 27 May 2011

Assembly Members sign SIPTU Community Sector Pledge

SIPTU have written to all the main political parties seeking their support in our campaign to protect the Community Sector from savage cuts.

SIPTU has also written to the MLAs seeking their commitment to protect our Community Sector, all MLA were afforded the opportunity to sign a pledge in this regard.  To date the following MLA’s have done so.

Martina Anderson, Carál Ni Chuilín, Fra McCann, and Raymond McCartney. Dawn Purvis and Fred Cobain signed the pledge prior to the May elections.

A number of Councillors from across the parties have also signed the pledge.

(New DCAL Minister Carál Ni Chuilín MLA signs the SIPTU pledge)

The wording of the pledge reads as follows;

“I am aware of the vital role our Voluntary and Community sector plays in lifting communities and individuals out of poverty. I believe the benefits to our society from this sector are not limited to economic but also extend to vital social benefits.

Noting the vital economic and social value of this sector to the local economy, I believe that cuts in funding to the Community and Voluntary sector make neither economic nor social sense.

If elected as an MLA I will endeavour to protect our Community Sector, the employees, volunteers and the service users from funding curtailment.”

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