Friday, 27 May 2011

Boots workers deserve to be treated with Dignity and Respect

Martin O’Rourke
SIPTU Organiser

Despite achieving record profits of over £1billion last year, Boots have threatened to cut premium pay and cease payment for breaks for their workers from June 1st 2011.

Ireland’s largest trade union SIPTU who represent Boots workers are totally opposed to this decision which is punishing the very people who have helped Boots achieve their huge profit.

Rather than being rewarded for their hard work, dedication and professionalism in the workplace, and sharing in the success, Boots is actually withdrawing basic employment terms and conditions.

We will campaign against this, having already organised days of action outside the Cookstown and Coleraine Boots stores, and we will be organising more in the near future.

Over 100 Boots workers have already registered grievances in relation to the management’s unacceptable proposal. We do not believe that the management are dealing with grievances in the appropriate manner and we will be seeking the assistance of the industrial relations machinery of the state to resolve this issue to our member’s satisfaction.

We ask for you to join with us in supporting the Boots workers in protecting their basic employment rights and affording them the dignity and respect that they deserve in the workplace.

Please show your support for Boots workers by registering your complaint with the local Boots manager.

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