Saturday, 25 June 2011

Boots workers protest over withdrawal of Basic Terms and Conditions of Employment

SIPTU, the trade union representing Boots workers held a day of action at the company’s flagship store in Donegall Place, Belfast today (Sat 25th June) to highlight Boots attack on low paid workers despite achieving record profits of over £1 billion last year.

Workers held a protest for over 2 hours and handed out thousands of leaflets to bring attention to Boots withdrawal of basic terms and conditions of employment.

Mayor of Belfast Niall O'Donnghaile, a former Boots worker attended the protest to show his support.

(Belfast Mayor Niall O'Donnghaile supports Boots workers)

In a joint statement by the workers present, they said;

“Boots workers are disappointed and angry at Boots, a highly profitable company attacking our pay and conditions despite us being key to their success. We are extremely annoyed that our basic employment terms and conditions have been eroded over the years and this is a further insult to our rights as workers. We will not take this latest attack lying down and are determined to raise awareness with the public regarding this profitable company's attempts to attack our worker’s rights. We encourage shoppers and members of the public to support us by talking to management in their local Boots stores.”

Speaking at the protest SIPTU organiser Niall McNally said;

“Boots have made big headlines recently due to their tax avoidance strategies but they have sunk even lower with an attempt to slash pay for unsocial hours on Sundays and Public Holidays. After a plethora of changes, on which the workforce have been inadequately consulted, this pay cut is their latest development and has proved the last straw for the SIPTU organised staff.”

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