Thursday, 16 June 2011

SIPTU produce YouTube film – ‘Communities Uniting’

SIPTU have produced a short video for YouTube as part of their community campaign in the north.
The short film which is called ‘Communities Uniting’ gives a brief overview of the Trade Union’s campaign, interviewing a number of community workers who explain the invaluable work carried out by their groups, the threat faced by cuts and the importance of community organisations, workers, volunteers and those who use the services joining together to protect these invaluable projects.

Jennie Cornell of the Greater Shankill Community Safety Network said,

“If these cuts are coming, which they clearly are, then the only way we can resist them is to speak with one voice and that would be why I joined SIPTU and why I would be encouraging others in the community sector in my area to join SIPTU.”

Finbarr Kelly, Youth Worker with Tar Isteach said,

“Without many of these community organisations up and going there wouldn’t be anywhere for young people to go, there wouldn’t be anywhere for them to get small achievements which builds their confidence, that makes them into better people.”

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