Friday, 26 November 2010

Boots workers stronger together - SIPTU

The SIPTU Boots organising committee met recently (Tues 23rd Nov) to access the progress that they have made over this past year, noting the surge in SIPTU membership and the huge interest in union activity amongst Boots workers. 

They also identified key issues of importance to workers and developed an effective plan for the year ahead.

SIPTU have hundreds of members in Boots stores across the north who are proactively campaigning in support of 'Dignity and Respect in the Workplace.'

Noting the progress of the Boots Organising Committee, SIPTU Organiser Teri Cregan said,

"Many Boots workers have flagged up bad practice by the management in dealing with their concerns, these workers simply want to be treated fairly and squarely, with the respect and dignity that they deserve and are entitled too."

"We hope the management will work with us in a positive and proactive manner to improve the working environment at Boots which will work to everyone's benefit, delivering the best result for the customers, the workers and to the very profitable employer."

"As SIPTU has increased its membership across Boots, the collective confidence of workers has improved. As we have brought the workers together, they have become stronger, and the Boots organising committee are vocal and effective in looking out for the interests of the staff and representing their needs."

"The simple message is that together we are stronger, and if we work collectively we can achieve much more."
If you are interesting in joining SIPTU or finding out more please contact; 028 9031 4000.

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