Monday, 8 November 2010

Invest in a better fairer future

Anne Thompson
SIPTU, Belfast

SIPTU joined with thousands of other trade union members, workers and those currently struggling to get a job on the 23rd October at Belfast City Hall when the public made a clear stand against Tory government imposed cuts.

The reckless slash and burn cuts by the Tory government will not as they claim, pave the way to recovery but rather lead the way to mass immigration and increase the extreme hardship faced by working families and the most marginalised and disadvantaged in society, while their banker mates are propped up by criminally extortionate salaries, bonuses and enhanced pensions enabled by the saviour of good honest tax payers monies - our money.

An economic mess, not of our making but by the champagne supping 'economists', yet we are being asked to pay for it?

What we need is investment, a commitment to protecting and creating jobs, and only through that can we begin to build stability and work our way back to prosperity.

We need a knowledge economy, yet we are not providing the incentives to our brightest, most talented young people to stay and work here.

The millionaire cabinet are denying a generation the opportunity to live and work here, by laying waste to our economy.

The 23rd of October was a clear signal that there are thousands upon thousands of mobilised people who are not willing to accept these cuts, and will resist and oppose the reckless assault on our jobs and economy by a millionaires cabinet acting like a bunch of absentee landlords.

Play your part in facing down and defeating these cuts, join a trade union, attend future trade union rallies, and lobby your political representatives to make a clear stand against these cuts.

There is an alternative to cuts, we can build a better and fairer future through investment.

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