Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Down with Browne

Martin O'Rourke

SIPTU is absolutely opposed to the lifting of the cap on University tuition fees proposed through the Browne review which could see fees soar to an extortionate rate of up to £12,000 per year.

It beggars belief that these proposals be put forward at anytime, never mind in the depths of one of the harshest economic recessions.

The Browne review or any other proposed hike in student or tuition fees can not be allowed to happen, this will only result in preventing thousands of young people from low to middle income earning families from going to University and in thousands more emigrating with little to no prospects here.

In short it will create a two tier third level education system were only those that can afford it can avail of it.

Is this the type of society we want to build?

SIPTU believe in a knowledge economy and in building a skilled workforce with our young people being encouraged and assisted in excelling in their chosen career.

Our short term investment in them will ensure a brighter long term future for all of us.

To do otherwise, to make third level education the preserve of the rich will set us back a hundred years and signal the death knell of our economy.

We are heartened by the campaigning of students to prevent the crazy hike in student fees by a detached Tory cabinet stuck in their millionaire bubble.

The students of today are the workers of tomorrow, they will be the backbone of any resurgence in the economy and in creating a more stable, viable and equal society.

Let's treat them with the importance that they deserve.

Their campaign dovetails into the overall trade unions campaign against cuts and in the time ahead we want to encourage maximum unity and solidarity between all stake holders in this struggle, be they student, worker, pensioner or those in desperate search of work.

Let’s make a stand together, through unity we can win!

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